Genuine Trinitite Sample - A Relic Of The First Atomic Bomb!!

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This is an incredibly rare but genuine piece of Trinitite.

 It was created on the site of the first Atomic Bomb Test at the Trinity Site, New Mexico, USA on 16th July 1945

The  sample weighs 1.413 Grams - measures 2.5cm across at it's widest point - and comes  boxed in a labelled, padded presentation box

This is from a new supply and it is some of the largest and RICHEST coloured pieces I have ever had to offer.

I was told it was sourced from  near the location of the explosion.

I have been selling Trinitite for MANY years now and love that my Trinitite is still  so very popular!

The story of The Trinity Bomb tests and Trinitite is featured in the 2023 film Oppenheimer starring Cillian Murphy and directed by Christopher Nolan

This is a great opportunity to buy material that is now INCREDIBLY hard to find.
There are so few suppliers anywhere in the World I would suggest you buy this now.
It will not be around for long, and then will never be seen again!

Trinitite is the most amazing substance. it is essentially a form of molten glass created from the intense heat released by the early Nuclear test.

Any piece you buy will come in a padded gem jar and with a signed certificate of authenticity with details of the Trinity tests and Trinitite.
I will also send you an A4 copy of a report on a piece of my Trinitite carried out by a scientist at Nottingham University.
This is a technical report but may be of interest to the buyer.