Fossils - Dinosaurs

Who can resist the terrifying lure of the Dinosaur!!!??

What could be more thrilling than holding a tooth from a fearsome Spinosaur, or hold a chunk of genuine Dinosaur bone!?
Many of our products end up in the collections of children and if you're not sure what to get your child for Christmas - why not amaze them this year with a selection of fossils.

2 Boxed Dinosaur Bone Chunks - USA

This item is 2 chunks of genuine dinosaur bone from an unidentified dinosaur.
it was found in the Colorado desert in the USA and is from the Jurassic period - 100-140 million years ago.

When you hold these chunks you can see the lovely textures and patterning and when you realise exactly where it comes from you're sure to be amazed!

The chunks both measure roughly 2cm and come in a lovely padded, velvet lined box