Fossil Earrings

UK Ammonite Earrings - Sterling Silver

This is a superb and unique pair of earrings made with tiny little whole English Ammonites.

These super little Ammonites may be tiny but they have some lovely colouration with grey stone and flashes of pyrite within the stone.

Each Ammonite measures roughly 5mm across.

You wont receive these EXACT earrings, but the Ammonites I use are very similar in size and appearance and all lovely little earrings!

The Ammonites are mounted on sterling silver post fittings.



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Elrathia Trilobite Stud Earrings


This is a super and very unusual pair of earrings.
I have made them with 2 tiny but whole trilobites.
Trilobites are amazing and very popular fossils and existed in thousands of different forms for over 300 million years!
They ranged in size from tiny ones like these ones to trilobites over a foot across!

Many people love them so much they collect trilobites and nothing else!

The earrings are made with sterling silver stud posts and the trilobites measure 1cm across

The Triobites were found in Utah USA and date from around 500 Million Years ago

Boxed in a high quality jewellery box  and complete with a signed full colour certificate of authenticity.


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Elrathia Trilobite Earwire Earrings


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