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2 Echinoids - Fossil Sea Urchins

This is a truly beautiful set of 2 small Echinoids.
They were living in the Cretaceous seas in what is now Morocco.

Not often seen for sale - these Echinoids ( or Sea Urchins) show off their detailed spine lines and are  superb little fossils.

I only have a small supply of these so snap one up before they are all gone.

Come boxed and labelled.
NB - The Echinoids you will receive won't be these exact one, but VERY similar in size and appearance and all  measure roughly  2cm across


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Fantastic 20 Piece Moroccan Fossil Collection

This is a superb collection of Moroccan fossils
You will receive 5 different bags - each containing from 1 up to 15 fossils.
The set you will receive won't be the exact set pictured but will be very similar and some of the sets are better and with higher quality fossils than those pictured.

The fossils are from the Devonian era - 417-354 Million years ago.

The fossils are superbly detailed little specimens and
while not the most obscure or rare of all fossils Moroccan fossils make a nicely affordable addition to any fossil collection.

The bags are as follows -

Haematite Goniatite - at least 1, often 2 or 3
Ammonite - at least 1, often 2 or 3
Crinoid - 1
Coral - at least 1, usually 2 or 3
Sharks Teeth ( as well as various fish vertebrae and ray mouthparts) - at least 15


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Fossil Orthoceras Point


A super polished Moroccan fossil Orthoceras Point
Measures - 8.3cm

This lovely and unusually shaped Orthoceras piece was crafted by Moroccan craftsmen
The Orthoceras was a marine squidlike creature with many inner chambers.
 It propelled itself through the seas over 400 million years ago in the Silurian age.

Comes complete with a clear plastic stand and would look great on any mantelpiece


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Fossil Rootlet - Western Australia - RARE


This is a simple but unusual fossil.

it is a fossilised rootlet from a tree.
I can't tell you which tree as I don't know, but I am sure with a little research you could find out.

It is from Western Australia and is roughly  1 Million years old

The rootlet is 4.4cm long and 5mm thick

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Large Fossil Belemnite - SUPER UK Fossil

This is a super and very large fossil Belemnite.

Belemnites aren't a rare or valuable fossil, but they are a very popular and well collected fossil for UK collectors.
if a novice has collected a fossil from a beach or quarry, it will usually be either an Ammonite or a Belemnite.

These I have to offer are far larger than the normal Belemnites you would collect.
They were collected in the Midlands in England and date from.

You won't receive this exact fossil pictured, but another VERY similar in size and appearance.
I have a large box of these and they vary very little,other than very slight size differences.

The Belemnite you will receive will measure at least 6cm long.
These are large fat fossils and WELL worth what I am asking for them.

Come bagged and labelled.



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Mosasaur - Early Crocodile Tooth - REDUCED!



This is a Mosasaur tooth
The Mosasaur was an early crocodile type marine reptile from the late Cretaceous.
You will receive one of the pictured teeth.
They all have lovely shiny enamel enamel with super colouration.
A few of the teeth have slight damage, but this is common with these fragile teeth.
The tooth will come in a padded gem jar and is a super little fossil.

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Petrified Wood Chunk

Gorgeous colouration in this fossilised wood.

This super chunk of petrified wood is highly polished - which brings out the wide range of bright colours within the stone and also makes the original layered texture of the wood visible.

Measures 4x3cm

Any of you who have been lucky enough to visit a petrified forest will know the appeal of petrified wood.

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Polished Moroccan Goniatite - NEW!

This is a lovely fossil.
The Goniatite is very similar to an Ammonite.
It was an shelled aquatic creature and lived in the seas roughly 300 million years ago.

The Goniatite is nicely polished and measures 5.5cm across.

It would make a super gift for any fossil fan.

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Polished Moroccan Goniatite Plate - NEW!

This is a lovely fossil.
The Goniatite is very similar to an Ammonite.
It was an shelled aquatic creature and lived in the seas roughly 300 million years ago.

The Goniatite is beautifully  polished and sits surrounded by a nicely prepared matrix.
measures 12cm across.

It would make a super gift for any fossil fan.

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RARE - Heliaphora Echinoid

 Strange and unusual echinoid

This is a very odd echinoid and while it's a truly fascinating fossil I really can't tell you a great deal about it.

While most echinoids are easily described and are basically the same as modern sea urchins - this is more of an oddity and has a bizarre flattened shape which then has protruding fingers like a starfish...!

It comes from Senegal in Africa and is approx 5 million years old.

If you know more about it  please let me know!

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ULTRA RARE 9 Piece UK Fossil Collection

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ULTRA RARE Boxed Piece Of Whitby Jet

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UNIQUE KT Boundary Material -


This is a very difficult item to categorise, but I have had to find a section.

 This is a boxed set containing 2 pieces of rock from the legendary KT Boundary.
 As anyone who knows their geology and palaentology will know, is the rock layer that is thought to mark the point at which the Dinosaurs were destroyed by a HUGE meteorite impact.
 These samples come from the Upper Cretaceous Period of Trochu, Alberta - Canada.

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