Fossils - Sharks Teeth

With 75% of the Earths surface covered with water it's no surprise that there is such a huge diversity of creatures that live - and have lived in the seas and oceans. Sharks are such an effective killing machine that you would expect them to have flourished for a long period of time - and you would be right!

On this page I offer a good selection of teeth from a wide variety of sharks. Some are still swimming today - and some, like the incredible Megalodon have died out.

Have a browse through these teeth and we're sure you will find something to improve your fossil collection or that would make a super gift. Children especially love sharks, and I sell many teeth to young shark fiends!

Fossil Cretolamna appendiculata Shark tooth

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    Fossil Sand Tiger Shark Tooth - Florida USA

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    Boxed Otodus obliquus Shark tooth

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    Fossil Tiger Shark Tooth -Belgium

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    Fossil Otodus Shark Tooth - NEW!


    A superb, chunky Otodus Shark Tooth.

    The Otodus shark teeth are some of the most beautiful on earth and while not as sought after as Great White sharks in many ways they are more attractive.
    They are a beautiful shape with sharp but shapely points with stunning shiny enamel and packed with character.

    This is a gorgeous Otodus Shark tooth.
    You will receive one very similar to the pictured tooth and measuring around 3cm

    BOXED AND LABELLED - in a  padded box.

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    Rare And Extinct Crow Shark Tooth - BOXED

      This is an unusual fossil and not often offered for sale
    Squalicorax kaupi

    The Crow shark is a rare and extinct species of shark, and - in common with most ancient shark species, very little is known about the shark itself.
    As sharks don't have bones, just cartilage and ligament, nothing has survived apart from the teeth.
    This is an unusual shaped tooth and is flatter and stubbier than most shark teeth.
    These teeth are not often seen for sale and if you collect shark teeth you should add one to your collection. This is your chance!
    The tooth measures  - 2cm root to tip
    comes boxed and labelled and is ready to give as a gift! - or why not just keep it yourself !!

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    Fossil Otodus Shark Tooth in Matrix

     This is a superb fossilised Otodus Shark tooth - set in its matrix, just as it came out of the ground....

    Found in Morocco - and dates from the  Paleocene Era

    The tooth has beautiful, very shiny enamel and a gorgeous  colouration.A  lovely pale cream


    You may not receive this exact tooth, but one VERY similar from the stocks I have.
    The tooth measures roughly 2.5cm wide and 3cm from the base of the root to the tip.
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