Commissioned Jewellery

This is a selection of one-off commissioned pieces of jewellery.                       

I love to make commissions and would love to make more.

If there is anything you would like made for someone special, please do get in touch .EMAIL ME HERE

NEW FOR 2023

Sterling Silver Godzilla Necklace

NEW FOR 2023

Sterling Silver Charmouth Ammonite Necklace

NEW FOR 2023

Fossil Great White Shark Tooth Pendant On Leather

NEW FOR 2023

Sterling Silver Spaceship Necklace

NEW FOR 2023

Silver Seaglass Ring

Silver Capped Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace

Sterling Silver Octopus Necklace With Larimar Eyes

Sterling Silver Ring With Iron Meteorite

Silver Heart Necklace With Moon Rock, Iron Meteorite And Diamond

Textured Silver Engagement Ring With Iron Meteorite

Solid Silver Galaxy Necklace With Iron Meteorite And Cremation Ash

Ammolite Pendant With Custom Colours

Solid Silver Kookaburra Necklace

Solid Silver Woodpecker Necklace

Wedding Ring With Ammolite

Wedding Ring Set - Ammolite And Iron Meteorite

Bolivian Ammonite Jewellery Set

Baltic Amber Watch Fob - With Insect

Solid Silver Dopamine Necklace With Iron Meteorite

Solid Silver Jacket Potato Cufflinks

Personalised Moon Dust Necklace With Silver Tag

Silver Tie Pin Set With Iron Meteorite

3 Pieces of Dagenham Fordite Jewellery

Solid Silver Heart Necklace


Large Solid Silver Star Meteorite Necklace On Leather Thong

Trilobite Engagement Ring


Solid Silver Cufflinks With Insects In Amber

Enamelled Solid Silver Frog Necklace

Solid Silver Set Dinosaur Bone Necklace

Dagenham Fordite Cuff Bracelet - Solid Silver

Woolly Mammoth Tusk Cufflinks

Silver Bear Necklace With Moonstone

Matching Fordite Jewellery Set

Moon Dust Bracelet

Silver Cufflinks With Baltic Amber Insects