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Jurassic Jewellery is owned by Ian Barrett. Having been long intrigued by the beauty of nature and the mysteries of the past he decided to turn his love of nature into a business and create beautiful and valuable jewellery.

Ian Says  -

'I have always been amazed by the wonders of space and have branched out into selling meteorite jewellery. Jurassic Jewellery is currently the only UK maker of meteorite jewellery. I have developed a strong knowledge of meteoritical science and history and guarantee every item sold from the site.

I have supplied countless fossils and meteorites to buyers in pretty much every continent on Earth.
I have also sent specimens to museums and galleries – from the prestigious Science Museum in London to NASA Kennedy Space Center.
These have been used by the educators there – and I’m sure they will have been seen and handled by thousands of visitors 


I'm a fellow of the BIMS - British & Irish Meteorite Society. This is a new organisation dedicated to the promotion and advancement of this fascinating and increasingly popular pastime. If you have any questions about this organisation or meteorites in general please get in touch