Boxed Moon Rock NWA 11273 - 0.435 grams

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A genuine piece of Moon Rock

What could be more exciting than owning a genuine piece of our nearest cosmic neighbour...?

This is a new presentation Box and the meteorite is nicely presented in a windowed padded box and complete with the weight and details of the specimen inside
You will ALSO receive a full signed certificate of authenticity complete with unique holographic serial number.

It is an individual stone from the fall  NWA 11273

Lunar  - Feldspathic Breccia
Found 2017
North West Africa

TKW - 2.81  Kilograms

The Fragment weighs 0.435 grams

Measures 1.2cmm across at its widest point

- I usually sell thin slices but this is something different.

This is a 3 dimensional piece of Moon rock!
An exciting thing to see and if you are CAREFUL get it out of the box and hold it!

( I have had so many buyers email me to tell me that they have taken their lunar rock out of the box and lost it!

The Meteorite was bought from Gary Fujihara at the Big Kahuna Meteorites

A seller with a superb pedigree within the meteorite community