Large Mosasaurus Tooth On Matrix- Early Crocodile Tooth

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This is a gorgeous - boxed fossil Mosasaurus tooth  on  original matrix
( these teeth ARE often placed on a faked matrix, but there are other partial fossils on the matrix and it looks to be genuine)

The tooth measures 5cm top to bottom  on a matrix measuring 9cm  - and is a superb quality tooth and with no restoration

Will be sent bagged and labelled and complete with a signed certificate of authenticity

 The Mosasaur was a fearsome prehistoric beast, much like a crocodile.

They were one of the successes of the Cretaceous era and grew up to 17m in length and weighing up to 20 tonnes.

  Much of their day would have been spent swimming slowly near the seabed looking for suitable prey to attack. Their diet consisted of slow moving animals like ammonites, birds and turtles but they would also tackle larger and swifter prey, such as sharks and plesiosaurs, when the opportunity arose.

 As the mosasaurs were not fast swimmers they would have stalked their prey using natural cover provided by seaweed and rocks. Only when the prey was within striking range would the mosasaur propel itself forward. Being caught in a mosasaur’s jaws meant almost certain death. Although giant mosasaurs were the top predators in the sea, they were still vulnerable to attack. One mosasaur fossil bears the marks of a shark bite in its spine.

 Cretaceous era - 65 million years ago Found - Morocco - North West Africa