Large Fossil Belemnite - SUPER UK Fossil

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This is a super and very large fossil Belemnite.

Belemnites aren't a rare or valuable fossil, but they are a very popular and well collected fossil for UK collectors.
if a novice has collected a fossil from a beach or quarry, it will usually be either an Ammonite or a Belemnite.

These I have to offer are far larger than the normal Belemnites you would collect.
They were collected in the Midlands in England and date from.

You won't receive this exact fossil pictured, but another VERY similar in size and appearance.
I have a large box of these and they vary very little,other than very slight size differences.

The Belemnite you will receive will measure at least 6cm long.
These are large fat fossils and WELL worth what I am asking for them.

Come bagged and labelled.