Boxed Fossil Stromatolite

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This is a super little polished piece of Stromatolite.

All fossils collectors should have at least one Stromatolite in their collection as in the story of life on Earth - they are EXTREMELY important.
they are one of the very first life forms on Earth, and contributed much of the oxygen to the atmosphere, making it habitable for higher lifeforms ( including man!)
It could be that without Stromatolites there could not have been life as we know it!

This  Stromatolite is from Australia.

When you realise that this fossil is nearly a BILLION years old it seems such a good price to allow you to own and hold it!



The fossil is boxed in a black velvet lined box - and labelled and measures 2cm

Truly intriguing and VERY rare.

These Stromatolite fragments are beautifully sliced and polished and would be a lovely focus for meditation or to just keep in your pocket and remind you of where we all came from!