Fantastic 20 Piece Moroccan Fossil Collection

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This is a superb collection of Moroccan fossils
You will receive 5 different bags - each containing from 1 up to 15 fossils.
The set you will receive won't be the exact set pictured but will be very similar and some of the sets are better and with higher quality fossils than those pictured.

The fossils are from the Devonian era - 417-354 Million years ago.

The fossils are superbly detailed little specimens and
while not the most obscure or rare of all fossils Moroccan fossils make a nicely affordable addition to any fossil collection.

The bags are as follows -

Haematite Goniatite - at least 1, often 2 or 3
Ammonite - at least 1, often 2 or 3
Crinoid - 1
Coral - at least 1, usually 2 or 3
Sharks Teeth ( as well as various fish vertebrae and ray mouthparts) - at least 15