Solid Silver Jacket Potato Cufflinks

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This has to be my most bizarre request for many years.
The customer got in touch as they wanted a special gift to give a friend for their 40th birthday.
They had the nickname  'Potato'

They weren't sure exactly WHAT they wanted, but wanted cufflinks with a potato as a theme

I pondered it and came up with various ideas and the one we went with was a pair of solid silver cufflinks in the shape of jacket potatoes.
I set to work and made them a reality.
I made a mold for the potatoes and then turned them into solid silver, and when polished and finished I also added accents of solid gold to the skins to give an idea of potato skins.

I went on to create a little potato sack from hessian and even had the word POTATO emblazoned on the bag
The cufflinks in their box went in the bag and it went off to the customer.

I found out that the cuffflinks went down a treat and were treasured, just as we both hoped!