3 Pieces of Dagenham Fordite Jewellery

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This is what i suspect will be the LAST selection of Dagenham Fordite jewellery I will ever be able to make
This used some of my last pieces left and there will be no more.

I had an  interview about my Fordite jewellery featured in a Dagenham newspaper in 2016 and a customer got in touch
She has strong links to the Ford Dagenham factory as she used to live there and her Father worked there
She wanted a selection of Fordite jewellery specially made for her.


I spent some time going over ideas for the jewellery with her and she picked her favourite cabochons and then I suggested pieces of jewellery I could make with them

This process is part of the fun of commissions and it makes them extra special.

You can see that I made some Fordite earrings and two necklaces - and she was thrilled with the final result!