Silver Bat Earrings

Silver Ring Set With A Trilobite

Ammonite Necklace And Earrings Set

Beach Combed Stones From The Isle Of Arran

Darwins Insect Tie-Pin

Ammolite Sun Brooch

Anniversary Shooting Star Meteorite Cufflinks

Spiral Galaxy Necklace And Earrings Set

The Space Wolf Tie Pin

The Dorderling Star Necklace

The Pendant That Went Off To War

Silver Meteorite Ring With Resin Cabochon

Silver Bee Brooch

Silver Scorpion Necklace

Solid Silver 'Cosmos' Ring

Enamelled Solid Silver Cross With Iron Meteorite

Solid Silver Mardi Gras Medallion


Solid Silver Pig Necklace

Silver Annulus With Martian Meteorite

Silver And Fordite Engagement Ring

Silver Claddagh Earrings

Silver 'Hare Over The Moon' Brooch

Enamelled Silver Toucan Brooch

Silver Sheep Cufflinks And Earrings

Silver And Fordite Sheep Necklace

Solid Silver Sheep Necklace