Solid Silver Pig Necklace

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This is what the recipient had to say about the commission

“I’d been admiring Ian’s work on his site and was especially fond of (and impressed by) a necklace featuring a silver sheep inlaid with fossil coral for a previous client. Since I have a bit of an obsession with pigs, I emailed Ian to inquire about a similar necklace, only fashioned into a more porcine shape. Ian was very happy to take on the project and quickly worked out a sketch for a piece, as well as offered his own artistic suggestions. He even found a pink fossil cabochon for the pig “body”!


The piece is absolutely exquisite! It is both very beautiful and unique, and something I love to wear. Ian was an absolute pleasure to work with through the whole process—very friendly and professional. I have a feeling I will be a repeat customer.”


Thank you again so much for the necklace. I absolutely love it---in fact, I have a hard time taking it off!