Solid Silver Sheep Necklace

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I made this as a special commission for a customer whose partner was training to be a sheep farmer at Agricultural College and he wanted a piece of sheep jewellery for her Birthday.
I had an idea that some Fossil coral cabochons look quite like wool  - and it grew from there!
This is what he had to say after she received it...


Hi Ian,


The sheep arrived at nine this morning, and he looks grand!!  Baaaaah-rilliant, in fact.  I wanted to email you sooner, but our main computer still doesn't work so I wasn't able to until now.  Thanks for giving us the tracking number!!


I ripped open the package and took a peek at it, it looked wonderful!!  By the time I presented it to Lizzie, at 12:30, I had shown everyone else behind her back!!


It really is a great achievement, clever design and an excellent finished article.  He's a great little fella and has been welcomed as part of the family!!  He's a very likable little character.  You were absolutely right about the coral, it does look woolly!!  Lizzie has always taken an interest in fossils, so that was an added bonus!  Simple, but delicate with lovely materials and a charming design.  He isn't at all bling, he looks like he's come down off the fells, but in extremely good condition!




Plus, Lizzie likes it as much as I do and was very grateful.


Thank you very much for the photos as well; you've gone to a lot of trouble with this little chap! 
It's Lizzie's party this evening and the sheep will be attending!


All the baaah-est,