Charmouth Fossil Ammonite Earrings - Sterling Silver And BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION

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This is a super piece of jewellery and  one I only offer occasionally due to the rarity of the Ammonites

They come from the beach at Charmouth on the legendary Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

They are lovely little Promicroceras Ammonites with good definition and a slight pyrite shimmer

The Ammonites measure 10mm across and have solid sterling silver stud settings

Unlike the Ammonite slice jewellery where two slices are made from the SAME Ammonite and thus each slice can perfectly match, these earrings are made for SEPARATE Ammonites  and can never truly match.
These are rare Ammonites and I never have enough to get a perfect match.
Please don't buy them and then complain they are a not a perfect match.

The earrings are nicely boxed and labelled in a black velvet lined box. and complete with a signed certificate of authenticity and all packed in a lovely embossed presentation box

A lovely package to gift  - or gift to yourself!