Boxed Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth

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Measures  3.6cm at its longest point.

Totally genuine and a beautiful Dinosaur relic

The tooth comes boxed and labelled -  along with a signed certificate of authenticity - and is ready to give as a gift! - or why not just keep it yourself !

 These really are getting VERY hard to source.
I have a feeling that supplies will totally run out soon.
This is NOT just marketing hype, just a fact.
Ask other sellers if you don't believe me!


The Spinosaurus was one of the most feared and awesome creatures of the prehistoric world.
Click more images and look at the picture of the beast and you will realise that you would have little chance of extracting the tooth from a living Spinosaurus without asking VERY nicely !!!!

Spino teeth are amazing as they have undergone very little metamorphosis over the millennia and remain very fragile as the original tooth would have been.
It comes from Morocco where most of the World's Spinos have been found and is of the Cretaceous Period