Chunk Of Genuine Dinosaur Bone - Iguanodon,Isle Of Wight

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This is a superb piece of genuine Dinosaur Bone.
The bone is from an Iguanodon, probably the most famous and popular of all the UK found Dinosaurs.

The fossil was collected from the beach in the Isle Of Wight - (For those of you who don't know, this is a small island off the coast of southern England.)

The bone fragment you will receive will be  the exact one pictured.

It measures 3cm across at its widest part

This is a partially broken bone fragment which is a good thing as you get to see both some of the original outer bone texture, and ALSO the cellular bone cell structure inside the bone.

 feels great in the hand and will give you YEARS of pleasure!

It is an intriguing shape, though I am not an expert and not sure exactly which part of the animal it is from.

An attractive piece of a monstrous creature.....

The fossil will be sent bagged and labelled and complete with a signed certificate of authenticity.

This bone was supplied to me by one of the most well known and reputable fossil sellers on the Isle Of Wight - and one with his own retail shop on the Island.