Fossil Megalodon Shark Tooth - Java, Indonesia

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Megalodon Shark Tooth
Carcharodon megalodon -the giant "Megatooth" shark, ruled all the warmwater seas during the Neogene Period [Miocene (5-24 million years ago  and Pliocene (1.67-5 MYA)

Found in Java, Indonesia

This is a super fossilised Megalodon shark tooth.

This is a tooth from the more recent supply in Java
Until recently most Megalodon teeth were found in the USA but a new supply from Indonesia has starting arriving

They are really stunning teeth
The roots tend to be less complete than the USA teeth, but this is just from chemical damage caused while in the ground

 This tooth measures 6.5cm along the central point and 6cm wide
The blade is pretty much perfect apart from a TINY nick to one edge of the blade
The root is partially missing, but this is VERY common with Javanese Megalodon teeth
Superb serrations on the edge of the blade!
Meg teeth are NOT easy to find and this is a good way to get one in your collection
And a bargain for the price!
This is a HEFTY shark tooth and feels amazing in the hand!

The tooth is bagged and fully labelled and complete with a certificate of authenticity