Fossil Great White Shark Tooth - Chile

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I have supplied  my fossils and meteorites and well as jewellery to famous museums and galleries, including the Natural History Museum in London and the San Diego Air And Space Museum , California USA

I have even supplied my meteorite jewellery to the legendary Saatchi Art Gallery in London - the spiritual home of Damien Hirst And Tracey Emin, two of the most famous modern artists on the Globe...

I have even supplied fossils for use on TV programmes and theatre shows.I have been asked to supply fossils that have been seen on screen in a Channel 4 Television show, and also a touring theatre production.

This is a superb fossilised Great White Shark tooth.

Found in Chile  - and dates from the Pliocene

The tooth measures 3cm

The tooth itself is PERFECT
great enamel and SUPERB serrations

The root is partly missing, but you dont buy a fossil shark tooth for the root!

Boxed and labelled