Gorgeous Whitby Jet Necklace - On Solid Silver Chain.

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I have been selling pieces of Whitby Jet for several years - and I kept getting asked if I had any Jet jewellery.
I decided to create a piece - and here it is.

Rather than a lot of jet jewellery where the jet is cut in a very ornate and intricate manner, I thought it would be nice to keep it very simple.
I haven't cut the jet itself - it is a natural piece of sea-worn jet.
This makes it easy to imagine where the jet comes from - and appreciate it's natural beauty.

I feel that when it is cut and polished you lose any sense of the Jet being a rare and natural object.

Jet is essentially a fossil
A piece of fossilised Monkey Puzzle Tree from a tree that lived many millions of years ago.
It is a VERY rare substance, and only commonly found in one place in the UK.
It is collected from the coastal town of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast.

I only have a limited supply of these necklaces, and don't know how long supplies of Jet will last.
This is a great opportunity to buy yourself a beautiful and intriguing piece of jewellery.

You won't receive this exact necklace, but it will be identical apart from containing a different piece of jet.
These are naturally found pieces and all vary in size and shape a little,

It is drilled and strung from an 18 inch SOLID silver curb chain.

The jewellery presentation has been greatly improved and as well as being presented in a labelled, velvet lined box it will sent in an embossed presentation box

You will also receive a superb signed certificate of authenticity complete with holographic serial number.
You will also receive a 24 page full colour booklet packed with information on meteorites as well as jewellery care information