Fulgurites -Created By A Bolt Of Lightning!

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This is a fantastic piece of genuine Fulgurite.
This Fulgurite was found in the Sahara Desert in Northern Africa-  and is guaranteed genuine.
You will receive one of the boxed Fulgurites -
They all measure roughly 3cm
My UK buyers may not be familiar with a Fulgurite - as they are not often seen in the UK.
Basically - it is the result of a lightning strike on an area of sand.
When the lightning bolt hits sand - the power of the bolt travels deep into the sand and fuses the sand into a molten tube of glass.
This tube then solidifies pretty quickly but leaves the shape of the lightning behind.
These are only small pieces, but a larger piece can look almost like a tree or plant, with radiating branches and twigs.

Fulgurites are often found in the deserts of Northern Africa by meteorite hunters looking for meteorites.
It is rare to find large fulgurites - and even rarer for them to be extracted from the ground intact.
They are delicate objects and often broken in the extraction process .

 I haven't sold any Fulgurites for 2 or 3 years and this is one of a small batch I have to offer.