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 Anthill Garnet

This is a VERY rare item, and one I have never offered before.

Anthill Garnets are found and collected from the outside of Anthills in the countryside in Arizona USA
While Ants are excavating and expanding their Anthills they come across the Garnets in the tunnels
These can be larger than they like and rather than leave them as a potential obstruction in the tunnels they pick them up and remove them from the nests.

The Garnets are dropped outside the Anthills and are collected from there.
They were first found by the native American people who realised their beauty.
They were sometimes sewn into ceremonial rattles or given as gifts.

You will receive ONE boxed Anthill Garnet, boxed as in the images
They are all slightly different in size and shape but all measure roughly  6mm across and weigh roughly   200 Milligrams

The Garnet is boxed and labelled in a box (5cm x7.5cm)  and would make for a FASCINATING gift for any lover of natural history!