Whitby Ammonite Split Nodule - Dactylioceras

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This is a superbly detailed  Dactylioceras commune Ammonite nodule -  found in the classic fossil hunting site of Whitby in the North East of England.
Famous both as the Birthplace of Dracula and also for the high quality Jurassic fossils and  Jet found there.

The nodule has been carefully split and it has revealed a sight not seen for 180 MILLION YEARS!

You will receive both parts of the nodule, both positive and negative.

These are the first nodules I have ever offered and only have a few
They are becoming very hard to source from the Yorkshire coast and the prices have started to soar....


The Ammonite is from the Upper Lias, Early Jurassic  era - Approx 180 Million Years Old.
Family Dactylioceratidae with Evolute Coiling and many ribs which cross the venture.




You will receive this exact  Ammonite nodule, measuring 6cm across


Bagged And Labelled.