Boxed Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite 3.18 Grams

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You will receive the Campo Del Cielo  Meteorite in the image

It weighs  3.18 Grams and measures 2.4cm at its widest point

Will be delivered boxed in a padded plastic boxed - and along with a certificate of authenticity complete with unique holographic serial number  - and you will also recieve a free A4 full colour meteorite information sheet.
All in all a lovely little package for any beginner to the World of meteorites!

This is from a well known fall in Argentina.
No-one knows exactly when it fell but it is thought to be between 4000 and 6000 years ago.

The first record of the Campo was in 1576. A Spanish governor learned of the iron from the Indians who reportedly believed that it had fallen from heaven. The governor sent an expedition under the command of one Captain de Miraval who brought back a few pieces of a huge iron mass he called Meson de Fierro (large table of iron).

The location of the find was the Campo del Cielo (field of the sky or heaven), a fitting name for the location of a meteorite. Since the Indians believed that the irons fell from heaven the name may have come from the meteorites. The area is an open brush-covered plain that has little water and no other rocks--very good country in which to locate meteorites.

The next record of Campo Del Cielo meteorites was about 200 years later in the late 1770s. The Spanish thought some pieces might be silver ore, but once they tried to process it, they found that it was only iron. A Spanish navy lieutenant excavated one specimen which he believed weighed 14 to 18 tons. This may have been the Meson de Fierro. He left he mass in place and it was not seen again--or was it?