K2 Stone Necklace

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A lovely little pendant is made with a K2 Stone Cabochon set in a custom made sterling silver setting.

K2 Stone is a rare and intriguing stone found only in one place on the foothills of the Mountain K2

K2 stone, also known as "K2 granite" or "K2 jasper," is a unique and captivating mineral that hails from the rugged and majestic Karakoram Range of the Himalayas, on the border between Pakistan and China. Named after the second-highest mountain in the world, Mount K2, this stone is a fascinating blend of contrasting colors and patterns.

Characterized by its striking blue and green hues, K2 stone is often adorned with mesmerizing orbs of azurite, creating a stunning celestial-like appearance. These vivid blue spheres, set against a backdrop of mottled gray and white granite, give K2 stone its distinctive and eye-catching look.

The Pendant measures 1.5cm across and 2.8cm top to bottom

It is strung from a 20 inch sterling silver chain

The jewellery presentation has been greatly improved and as well as being presented in a labelled, velvet lined box it will sent in an embossed presentation box, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper

You will  also receive  a 24 page full colour booklet packed with information on meteorites and fossils as well as jewellery care information