Solid Silver Locket With A Slice Of Moon Rock

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A stunning solid silver floating locket containing  a real slice of Moon rock

The locket has two pieces of real glass at front and back and allows easy viewing of the contents

Inside the locket there is a slice of the Lunar meteorite -
This is a Moon rock that has been knocked off the surface of the Moon and has travelled across space until it has ended up in the gravitational pull of Earth and landed on Earth

What could be more exciting than to wear a real slice of the Moon around your neck!

The locket also has a little Solid silver crescent Moon charm along with the Lunar meteorite slice.

The slice is from the Lunar meteorite NWA 11182
This was found in North West African in 2017 and the total weight of the meteorite fall it came from is 60 Grams

The meteorite slice  you will receive won't be this exact one, but at least as large and will measure roughly  1cm across and weigh around 300 milligrams

The locket is hung from a 20 inch sterling silver snake chain

The sterling silver locket itself measures 3cm across and is 6mm thick

FYI - The locket CAN be opened for handling of the meteorite, but PLEASE be careful you don't lose the contents when doing so

You will also receive a superb signed certificate of authenticity complete with holographic serial number.
You will also receive a 24 page full colour booklet packed with information on meteorites as well as jewellery care information

The jewellery presentation has been greatly improved and as well as being presented in a labelled, velvet lined box it will sent in an embossed presentation box, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper

A  fantastic gift package to give a fan of unusual jewellery or astronomy

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