Silver Heart Meteorite Earrings - POST

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This super pair of earrings are individually made from solid silver with a tiny silver heart.
 Each one is set with a genuine fragment of the Campo Del Cielo meteorite

The Campo Del Cielo is a famous Octahedrite iron meteorite that fell in large amounts in Argentina between 4000-5000 years ago.

An iron meteorite is basically the molten iron core from a failed planet of some kind.
No-one knows exactly where any iron meteorites originate, but isn't it magical to think that they are the exploded core of an unknown planet many millions of miles away?!

Each earring measures 10mm across and is a post or stud earring with a sterling silver push in back


The jewellery presentation has been greatly improved and as well as being presented in a labelled, velvet lined box it will sent in an embossed presentation box

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You will also receive a superb signed certificate of authenticity complete with holographic serial number.

And also a superb 24 page full colour booklet packed with information on meteorites as well as jewellery care information