Ultra Rare Boxed Piece of Wealden UK Amber - One Of The Oldest Ambers Ever

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This is  rare material and something I have NEVER had to offer before now

A boxed piece of fossiliferous Amber found in the Hastings Beds - in Hastings/Bexhill , East Sussex England

This is pretty much the ONLY Amber that can be collected in the UK and is also some of the oldest Amber to be found on Earth and dates to the Berriasian age in the Cretaceous  more than 140 Million Years old

This was collected and supplied to me directly from Jamie Hiscocks- who discovered Wealden Amber
His discovery has been featured extensively in the press - most famously his discovery of spider cocoons in a piece of Wealden Amber.
(Google ' Wealden Amber'  and read up!)

You will receive one small boxed and labelled piece of genuine Wealden Amber.

It wont be this exact piece, but one very similar and measuring roughly 5mm across

Comes labelled and I will also include a free information sheet about Wealden Amber