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This is a superb Mundrabilla meteorite Individual

The  specimen weighs 9.88grams 

Measures  2cm across at it's widest point

Labelled and presented in a padded gem jar

Mundrabilla is a well known iron meteorite that was discovered in Australia in 1911

Classification: Iron, IAB-ung
Total Known Weight: 24 Metric Tons

It is not known WHEN it fell, but it is thought to be within the last million years.
Mundrabilla is sought after for its often unique, twisted and unique shapes, and these specimens fit that remit
They have super provenance and come from  Edwin Thompson via Mark Lyon

These are the VERY First Mundrabilla specimens I have ever offered and I do not have a lot to sell.

You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity and an exclusive free gift , an illustrated A4 meteorite information sheet.
This was written by Mark Ford - Secretary of the BIMS (British And Irish Meteorite Society) and gives a useful overview of meteorites.
It will offer no revelations to a dedicated meteorite buff, but will be indispensable for a complete novice.

I am one of very few UK sellers of meteorite material so if you buy from me you can avoid expensive and often hidden shipping fees from the USA or further afield. I am looking to expand the range of meteorites I sell so please select me as a favourite seller and check back each week.
I have a growing selection of meteorite jewellery too -as well as a huge selection of fossils and fossil jewellery so why not check out my other listings?!

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