Boxed Irghizite Impact Glass - Kazakhstan - 5.14 Grams

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This is a superb, genuine boxed Piece of Irghizite


Weighs   5.14   Grams and measures  2.5cm at it's widest point.

Found In Kazakhstan
in the Zhamanshin crater

Irghizite is a rare and intriguing form of Impactite
Not technically a meteorite, rather a form of twisted molten glass formed from the HUGE forces of a meteorite impact.

These are fascinating little relics of a meteorite impact and will intrigue anyone who holds them....

Will be sent in a labelled box as in the image.

You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity and an exclusive free gift - an illustrated A4 meteorite information sheet.
This was written by Mark Ford - Chairman of the BIMS (British And Irish Meteorite Society) and gives a useful overview of meteorites.
It will offer no revelations to a dedicated meteorite buff, but will be indispensable for a complete novice.

I'm a member of BIMS - British and Irish Meteorite Society.
I fully guarantee the authenticity of every meteorite I sell.