Cute Little Boxed Phacops Trilobite

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Enrolled Baby Phacops Rana Trilobite

Alnif - Morocco

From the Devonian period (350 to 395 million years ago). 

This is one of the cutest and most unusual Trilobites I have ever had to offer.

Most Trilobite I offer are chunky adult specimens such as Diacalymene or Proetus.
These are totally different and are the cutest BABY Trilobites you have ever seen.

The Trilobite is enrolled which means it rolled into a ball.
This makes it rather tricky to photograph as the features wrap around like a ball.
You will have to believe me that you really need to hold it in your hand and you can appreciate the finer details.

The Trilobite - measures  1.5cm across

Boxed in the pictured gem jar and labelled