Woolly Mammoth Tooth - Nice Partial Tooth

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This is a fossil I have kept in storage for MANY years.
it is very hard to sell these teeth online now as with Mammoths being linked to Elephants there are weird rules about listing them. Even though Mammoths are EXTINCT and cannot be hunted!

This is a partial Woolly Mammoth tooth

Mammuthus primigenius

AGE - Approximately 20,000 - 40,000 Years

It was collected from the bottom of the North Sea between England and Holland

this is obvious if you look closely at the pictures as you can see various sea creatures stuck to the tooth
It shows that it has been sat in the Sea for thousands of years

This is a partial tooth but still in good condition and is a nice chunky tooth
it measures  13cm x 8cm across the widest face and 5cm thick

too large to box but I will send it bagged and labelled.