3 PIECES OF RARE UK FOUND AMBER - North Kent Coastline

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This is a  set of 3 pieces of UK Collected Amber.

The amber was collected on the coastline near Thanet - North Kent

It is the results of many years collecting by a top fossil collector who supplies me with high quality fossils and this small amount shows just how very RARE it is.

If you are are an Amber collector it is a great opportunity to add this rare site to your collection.


The set is boxed and contains 3 pieces of amber that are an average of 5mm  across.
You will receive ONE of the boxed sets pictured  each containing 3 pieces of amber


UK Buyers may have seen the superb BBC documentary recently which had David Attenborough singing the praises of this amazing relic from long, long ago! When you hold a piece of fossil bone, you do get an idea of the majesty of the dinosaur it came from, but when you hold a pice of amber up to the light and peer at the insect captured inside you will be transported straight back to the moment - millions of years ago when the poor insect was trapped in the sticky blob of resin.