Tatahouine Diogenite Meteorite In Display Frame

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This is one of my personal favourite meteorites and I have several nice specimens in my own collection.
it is simply one of the strangest meteorites you are likely to come across
How many meteorites do you know that are GREEN!
It is thought to come from the Asteroid Vesta.
Being a Diogenite it is thought to have been created in conditions of great heat and pressure deep inside the parent body.
There has been much research done on Diogenites and they are a rare and intriguing substance.

It is very rare to find Tatahouine Diogenite specimens of any great size as they are pretty friable and broke up on entry to our atmosphere.
You will be lucky to find and pieces of  more than a few milligrams.


The fragment you will receive will measure between  3mm and 5mm and weigh approximately  100 Milligrams

You will receive the display frame containg one small meteorite
You wont receive this exact specimen but one very similar and measuring roughly 4mm - 5mm across and weighing approximately 100 Milligrams

The frame itself measures 7cm across and would look GREAT on any desk or windowledge.

The display frame has a clear membrane on both sides so you can view the meteorite from BOTH front and back

You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity with full details of the fall and the specimen itself

I have been collecting and selling meteorites for nearly twenty years and can guarantee EVERY specimen I sell.