Libyan Desert Glass Necklace - Silver Wrapped With Crystal Beads

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I have sourced some high quality pieces of Libyan Desert Glass  - which is a gorgeous rare material formed from the immense forces of a meteorite impact.
Libyan Desert Glass was formed around 26 Million years ago - and while still shrouded in some mystery the appeal is huge.
it is found across areas of Libya and Egypt.

Libyan Desert Glass was used in the pectoral found in the tomb of Tutankhamen and was carved into the shape of a scarab set into the piece of jewellery.

Being very high quality it has a bright colour and translucence missing from many lower grade pieces that can be dull and milky.

The surface has a smooth texturing created by many thousands of years of being bombarded by the Desert Sands

I have wrapped the piece of Desert Glass in sterling silver wire and this both turns it into a lovely pendant - but also means it can be viewed from all sides rather than being set into silver....

This is a new style pendant and I have added small crystal beads at the top of the pendant to bring out the colours and give it a little more character!

The pendant you will receive will not be this exact one but very similar and the Desert Glass specimen will measure roughly 2cm - 3cm top to bottom and is strung from a super 20 Inch sterling silver snake chain


This necklace comes boxed in a high quality jewellery box  and also an embossed gift box so is ready to give as a gift! - or why not just keep it for yourself !!

You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity

and will  also receive a superb signed certificate of authenticity complete with holographic serial number.
You will also receive a 24 page full colour booklet packed with information on meteorites as well as jewellery care information