Claw Set Dinosaur Eggshell Necklace

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This is the first piece I have ever made using Dinosaur eggshell.

I made a sterling silver  claw setting which holds the piece of Dinosaur Eggshell in place using spikes or claws that curl around the back of the specimen and secure it on the front.
One benefit of this setting is being so minimal it makes nearly ALL of the fossil visible and allows viewing from front AND back.

The necklace is  strung on an 18 inch Sterling Silver chain.

The Eggshell piece is a large and sturdy piece and from a Saltasaurus a large Sauropod Dinosaur.
Found in Argentina and dates from around 70 Million Years ago.

Boxed and Labelled in a stunning velvet  lined jewellery box and gift wrapped in tissue paper.