Libyan Desert Glass Charm - Sterling Silver

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This is  made with a Libyan Desert Glass fragment - skillfully wrapped in sterling silver wire.
The charm you receive will not be this exact one, but made with a similar but unique fragment of Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass is a beautiful and mysterious substance created as a result of a HUGE meteorite impact many thousands of years ago on the Libya/Egypt borders

The fragment you will receive will weigh roughly 1.5 Grams and measure roughly 1cm across

The charm is  hung with a sterling silver lobster clasp so can easily be removed or moved around on the bracelet and makes it easy to customise your bracelet over time.

Each Charm comes with a signed certificate of authenticity complete with colour photos and a unique holographic serial number.
It will be sent in a labelled padded box and if you buy one or ten charms it will make a beautiful and intriguing little gift