Preseli Bluestone Necklace - Own The Spirit Of Stonehenge.

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This is an amazing way to own a little of the mystical magic of Stonehenge

Made with a polished piece of Preseli Bluestone - the same stone used to carve Stonehenge, many thousands of years ago

The stone was hauled from the Preseli mountains in Wales and used to carve Stonehenge
No-one knows the full story of how this happened, but this is part of the magic

Every time you wear this necklace you can feel in touch with this magical stone - and it will give you a LIFETIME of pleasure.

The stone you receive wont be this exact one but measures  roughly 2cm - 3cm across - and  has been carefully wrapped in sterling silver wire and is strung from an 18 inch sterling silver chain

The jewellery presentation has been greatly improved and as well as being presented in a labelled, velvet lined box it will sent in an embossed presentation box
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You will also receive a superb signed certificate of authenticity complete with holographic serial number.

And also a superb 24 page full colour booklet packed with information on meteorites as well as jewellery care information