Bismuth Crystal - A Stunning Thing To Hold

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While laboratory grown - these  really are stunningly beautiful.

If you want a talking point for a desk or window ledge this could be the one!

You will receive one crystal - not this exact specimen but one very similar

The crystals all measure approximately 2cm  - 3cm across at it's widest point-   and will be sent bagged and labelled - and complete with a superb little signed certificate of authenticity ( example pictured)


Bismuth is a native semi-metal element; however, it is rarely found in nature in its elemental form.

The unique pseudocubic hopper crystals that are characteristic of laboratory Bismuth can be found in only the rarest natural Bismuth specimens. Pair these "stairstep" crystals with the natural iridescent metallic yellow, blue, magenta, purple, and green hues that are due to the natural tarnishing of the specimen, and you have a real attention-getter (especially for kids)!

Some interesting facts.
The atomic number of Bismuth is 83
The atomic weight of Bismuth is 208.98
The molar mass of Bismuth is 208.98 g/mol
Bismuth has 83 electrons 
Bismuth was discovered in 1753
The melting point of Bismuth is 271.3 º C 
The boiling point of Bismuth is 1560±5 º C