Solid Silver Dinosaur Skin Cufflinks - UNIQUE

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I have used the impression from a replica section of dinosaur skin
The replica was made from a real piece of fossil dinosaur skin so is in essence identical to real dinosaur skin

The skin impression is from a Hadrosaur dinosaur - a Edmontosoarus - found in the legendary Hell Creek Formation in Dakota USA
This dinosaur lived roughly 66 Million years ago so when you touch the necklace you are touching the real textures of a Dinosaur!
What could be more fun to wear 

I have tried hard but cant find a similar piece of jewellery ANYWHERE on Earth
To my knowledge this is the ONLY dinosaur skin jewellery available to buy on Earth...

The cufflinks are skillfully made by myself from solid sterling silver and each cufflink measures 1.2m top to bottom and is beautifully boxed - complete with full details of the dinosaur it originated from

The ultimate gift for a dinosaur fanatic!