Small Boxed Genuine Chinese Tektite - WEIRD SEMI TUBE SHAPE

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A Superb Guang Dong Tektite


Weighs - 11.56Grams
Measures - 3.5cm across

This is an oddly shaped tektite with a bubbled upper surface and curved tubular shape with a smooth lower surface

Also comes with a signed certificate of meteoritical authenticity - complete with a unique holographic serial number

 Tektites are a glassy, pitted substance created when a huge meteorite explosion hit Earth and melted tons of sand and rock -many thousands of years ago.
Tektites are not technically meteorites (though they often contain meteorite traces within the tektite) but are amazing and very popular objects. There are many meteorite fans who only collect tektites!

This is guaranteed to be a genuine Tektite - and comes nicely presented in a protective box along with a signed certificate. We will also send you an illustrated A4 meteorite information sheet. This is an ideal introduction to the amazing world of meteorite collecting and would make a GREAT gift for any astronomy or natural history fan!