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Weight - average 30 milligrams
Measures - roughly 2-3mm across

This is a super little meteorite that is likely to mean more to most casual meteorite fans than most falls
This is because it is from the recent and VERY well documented Chelyabinsk fall in Russia in 2013

The fireball sent shockwaves all across the Globe as it was filmed by so many people who lived in the area

There are countless clips and eyewitness accounts on Youtube and beyond and it has inspired books and documentaries.

This is a TINY piece - but is in fact a whole stone.
I have sourced a supply from a respected meteorite expert and author  - Alain Gallien

You will receive ONE stone from the group shown picked at random and it will be nicely boxed in a padded and labelled gem jar as pictured and I guarantee every meteorite I sell for life.

These are far from the biggest meteorites you could buy from this fall but totally genuine and would make a fantastic little gift or any budding meteorite fan!

 You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity with a unique holographic serial number - as well as an A4 full colour meteorite information sheet.

This is an ideal introduction to the amazing world of meteorite collecting and would make a GREAT gift for any astronomy or natural history fan!