Stone Chondrite Meteorite With Part Polished Section - North West Africa

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Weight 17.5 grams
Measures - 3cm across

This is a super little fragment of an  unclassified ordinary chondrite meteorite.
What makes it special is that one face of the meteorite has been cut and polished and this shows a few tiny ferrous iron flecks which are one of the characteristics of these stone meteorites.

From stocks I have held for years, but not had time to list, it is a super hand specimen with the main body having nice weathering polish

The meteorite is unclassified which means it hasn't been given an official meteorite number but this doesn't mean it isn't a genuine and valuable meteorite. I guarantee every meteorite I sell for life and you will receive a signed certificate of authenticity with a unique holographic serial number - as well as an A4 full colour meteorite information sheet. This is an ideal introduction to the amazing world of meteorite collecting and would make a GREAT gift for any astronomy or natural history fan!