Meteorite Pyramid - Campo Del Cielo

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I have found these to be very popular to give as Iron Wedding anniversary gifts.
I have sold loads over the last few years to people wanting to give something unusual to their spouses on their Iron Wedding Anniversary.
It seems to be a more exciting a gift than a household iron!

A fragment of genuine Campo Del Cielo iron meteorite has been skilfully encased in coloured resin.
This creates an attractive and intriguing object, and the resin offers the bonus of protecting the meteorite from the Earth's harsh atmosphere FOREVER!

I offer a variety of different types of meteorite and the list below shows you the meteorite types and respective colours available.
Each pyramid measures 2.5 x2cm and has an identifying label on the base.

This is guaranteed to be a genuine meteorite - and comes nicely presented along with a signed certificate.
We will also send you an illustrated A4 meteorite information sheet. This is an ideal introduction to the amazing world of meteorite collecting and would make a GREAT gift for any astronomy or natural history fan!