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Megalodon Shark Tooth

Carcharodon megalodon -the giant "Megatooth" shark, ruled all the warmwater seas during the Neogene Period [Miocene (5-24 million years ago  and Pliocene (1.67-5 MYA)

South Carolina - USA

This is a superb fossilised Megalodon tooth.

Any fossil collector should have at least one Megalodon Shark tooth in their collection.
I would be insane if I claimed that this is a complete Megalodon tooth.
A full size, complete tooth - with complete enamel would set you back between £500 and £1000

A genuine tooth from the largest and most fearsome shark that ever lived.
A full sized Megalodon was thought to be at least 80 feet long.
It was a BEAST!

 This tooth measures 4.9cm from root to tip

While obviously a far from perfect tooth it is still totally genuine, and fascinating.

It is very waterworn and damaged, but a nice affordable way to add a truly LEGENDARY shark tooth to your collection until you can afford a BIG Shiny one!

The tooth is bagged and fully labelled.