Solid Silver Trilobite Necklace

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This is a new and stunning piece of jewellery.
I created it by taking a cast from a real fossil Trilobite from my private collection.
The Trilobite is an Elrathia kingii.
It was found in Utah, USA and lived 500 Million years ago in the Cambrian era.

The pendant is then cast in solid silver and strung from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

Trilobites were one of the first animals to have lived on Earth - and the one I have used is called Elrathia kingii.
It was one of the first ever Trilobites and lived over 500 Million Years ago.
They lived in the oceans and scuttled along on the seabeds, scavenging for food.
What could be more fun than wearing a piece of jewellery inpsired by one of the oldest animals ever to have lived on Earth!
A fantastic gift for any geologist, fossil fan, or anyone who loves unusual jewellery!

BOXED AND LABELLED in a stunning , black velvet lined jewellery box.