Fossils - Trilobites

Proetus Trilobite


Proetus granulosus
This is a lovely little Proetus Trilobite.

It comes from the Devonian epoch - 395-345 million years ago and was found in Morocco.
It is a small but very beautiful fossil with a finely detailed body and has been skilfully prepared on it's original matrix.

The Trilobite measures 2 x 1cm and the matrix measures 4 x 3cm

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Diacalymene Trilobite


400 Million Years Old

A superbly chunky trilobite.



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Super Elrathia Kingii Trilobite - Small But Stunning!


 This is a superbly detailed Elrathia trilobite. It's one of the oldest and most famous of all trilobites and every fossil collection should possess one.

From the Cambrian era - found in Utah, USA - this Trilobite is over 500 million years old

While not a rare fossil - it is a beautiful and highly prized object - and probably the most famous and well known of all trilobites.
It is prized for its finely detailed pleural spines and it's overall proportions.
Most collectors will be familiar with the Trilobite species so I needn't go into any depth, but suffice to say , if you collect fossils and you don't own an Elrathia Kingii then you really should do.

You won't receive this exact specimen, but one very similar that will  measure roughly 
1cm in length

Professionally boxed and labelled.

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Rare UK Trilobite - Dalmanites

Dalmanites Trilobite
Mid Silurian

Shropshire - England

While Moroccan and US Trilobites are very easy to source, what are not so easily bought are UK Trilobites.

I have sourced a super selection of UK Trilobites and this is one of them

It is not a full or perfect Trilobite, but when you are collecting a rare Trilobite, you can't always wait until the perfect specimen turns up.

This matrix has two partial Trilobites on either sides.
it has a head on one side and an incomplete body on the other side.
The matrix measures 8.5cm  in width.

The Two main Trilobite sections each measure 3cm across

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